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Our team

Kazim Erarslan

CEO, Founder

“We do acknowledge how important it is to understand your needs. We also realize that novelty becomes an applicable alternative only when it brings real advantages to your life and business. How we know it? Because we enjoy creating tools that make payment relationships less time-consuming and easier to manage.”

Iurii Griniov


Alexandru Cojocaru

Project manager

Kate Klimash

Project manager

Our values


Empowering the businesses of tomorrow, creating industry impact.


Highly functional, tailormade, turnkey, end-to-end solutions.


Boosting the financial sustainability of the business.


Building life-long sustainable business relationships.


World class technology, uncompromised standards of delivery.

Why working with us

we look into the future and transform your present accordingly

our philosophy

we provide extensive experience in telecom, banking and payments

our strong backbone

every second of yours counts towards our common success

our exceptional timing

we commit to long-term relationship and exceptional bilateral trust

your satisfaction

we are focused on your sustainable business growth and profitability

our business mind

we expand globally and deliver only world-class technology and solutions

our global presence

Global presence