Dealer Management System (DMS)


Boost your sales

Automate your distribution network business strategy, performance, commissioning and pricing policy. Add to your business great flexibility in products and services inventory management, commission management, discounting, dealer supervision, balance management, mutual settlement and reconciliation, management reporting, and more…

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Simplify your business

Stop wasting time on tasks that can be automated. Run your business and routine on the go, seamlessly and automatically, just find a broadband connection.

Automate your operations

Your distribution network at a glance, anytime anywhere via highly functional and easy to use platform, enhanced by a highly intuitive interface. Access all your point of sales data, perform necessary transactions, see your history and analytics, generate reports, and more…


  • Administration module – Dealer network management and control; balance and liquidity management; taxation, commissioning, and rewards setting.
  • Analytics & Reporting – Management reporting, system data crosscheck, errors troubleshooting.
  • Device Management – Kiosks and POS mapping, transactions monitoring, suspicious transactions tracking.

DMS Key function

  • Sales network management

  • Deposit management and control

  • Payments flow

  • Profit management

  • Users performance control

  • Payment devices

  • Transaction processing 24/7

  • Real time reporting and system alerts

  • System alerts via SMS and Email

  • All devices connection to single database

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